AC Milan came out strange, did not renounce Bakayoko’s contract

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AC Milan has yet to terminate his contract with midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko. Who has been on loan from Chelsea since last season. After he received high wages despite being idle.

The 28-year-old still retains ownership of Chelsea. But moved to the San Siro on a two-season loan deal for 3 million euros last summer. It is stipulated that the €17 million purchase clause will take effect immediately if he plays at least 15 games. At least 45 minutes each, in the 2022-23 season.

It seems that this is unlikely to happen. And he has negotiated with both clubs to terminate his contract early to allow himself to become a free agent and find a new ufabet team.

Surprisingly, that didn’t happen and Bakayoko remains at AC Milan, earning €2.5 million per season. To sit and watch on the amphitheater

There is still some hope that he will be able to terminate his contract before the Greek. Russian and Turkish transfers close.

This is because of the bureaucracy that is involve in terminating a loan given the loan club, parent club and player’s entourage must all agree to the resolution. And therefore he remained beyond yesterday’s 20:00 CEST deadline.

The paper does add however that some transfer market are still open around Europe – above all Greece and Turkey – so there is still time for a possible farewell in the coming days if Bakayoko decides to open up to an experience in a different league.