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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is confident that striker Darwin Nunez will learn a lesson from being sent off by a red card. Ready to tease if he hadn’t been hit before, he would have been hit in the “Mercyside Derby” game. Klopp believes Nunez has learned a lesson from the red card.

         The Uruguay international was sent off against Crystal Palace, having missed out on the defeats to Manchester United, the win at Bournemouth and the win over Newcastle, to come back down. The field is back in the “Derby” game that the team ufabet will face Everton on Saturday.

         Having been sacked in his first game at Anfield, Klopp is confident Nunjez will learn a lesson from that mistake. But there is a tease of the team as well

         “When it was clear it was three games [banned], we thought, ‘Oh, the first game he’s back was a derby!’ He must have been hit in this game for sure. But not because he has learned,” said Klopp.

         “He’s in perfect condition. When he was ready to go on the pitch and we used him. We try to give him something more physically and tactically.”

         “Now he looks more calm. more than before He did very well last week.”