Laimer was only converted after heavyweights moved to the Southern Tigers

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RB Leipzig midfielder Konrad Laimer has admitted to missing out on a move to Bayern Munich in the recently-closed summer transfer window.

Laimer has been a target for Bayern Munich this summer. But until then, the two ufabet clubs could not come to an agreement. Causing the Austrian midfielder to settle down with Leipzig 

“Football is like this. I have spoken several times this summer, internally at Leipzig and several times with my family and girlfriend.”

“In the end it didn’t happen. But there’s no point in complaining about it right now,” Leimer said.

When asked why he wanted to move, Leymer replied: “I’m the one who wants to get out of the comfort zone. when you do something new You need to prove yourself. After five years You’ve come to the point where you need a new challenge.”

Julian Nagelsmann’s side was interested in signing Austrian midfielder Konrad Laimer 

but RB Leipzig rejected three offers from Bayern Munich

 and Leimer will stay for the final year of his contract at Leipzig.

Laimer about his failed move to Bayern told Bild:

 “That’s football. I’ve had a lot of conversations this summer, internally here at RBL, and also a lot with my family and my girlfriend. Ultimately, it didn’t work out in the end. It’s no use complaining about it now.”