Tuchel pointed out that Zakaria can play in the middle, center, wing-back

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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has hailed the versatility of new midfielder Denis Zakaria.

Zakaria made his Chelsea debut on Friday, September 2 after joining from Juventus on a one-season contract with an option to buy for £30 million.

Commenting on Zakaria’s plans, Tuchel said: “He can play at the back three, he plays ufabet for Monchengladbach. In the back four with being a central center And he can play back three too.”

“He can play in two positions in midfield. He can even play wing-back because he has enough speed.”

When asked to compare Saul Niguez, who joined last season, Tuchel replied: “He can play in more positions. and has a stronger body.”

‘This was maybe a last minute or last days option. That was kind of on top of what was needed. He gives us in my opinion a lot of options because he has a lot of speed, height and physicality to bring to this group.

‘He can play in a back three. He played for [Borussia] Monchengladbach in a back four as a central defender even. He can play in a back three as a defender. He can play both positions in midfield.

‘He can play at even wing-back because he is fast enough and has the volume so I think giving the risks that you mentioned with Saul. He has a bit more positions to play in and a bit more of a physical profile hopefully.’