5 foods avoid that risk acne and wrinkles

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Foods avoid that risk acne and wrinkles t is caused by the sebaceous glands under the skin. Produce oil or sebum (Sebum) to maintain moisture in the skin. But if the product is produced too much, it will make us a woman in front of it Interfere with makeup Makes makeup not stick It also can cause acne and wrinkles problems too. 

The cause that makes us face it In addition to heredity, there is also a matter of nutrition that determines whether there is too much oil on the skin or not. And if we are able to avoid foods that stimulate it, it will help reduce it on the face. Which foods that stimulate us to have it on the face are as follows.

5 foods that people should avoid

1. High fat foods

 High-fat foods such as fried foods Various oily food It can stimulate the body to produce more oil. Because omega-6 acids are abundant in this type of food. Is the catalyst to accelerate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil Therefore, the first food that should be avoided is foods that are high in fat.

2. Sweets

Sweets are sweets that are high in sugar. Which when sugar enters the body will stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Which is the cause of acne And that’s why the girls Many people get acne after eating sugary foods.

3.Soft drinks, sweet water

Various types of soft drinks or sweetened beverages, including iced tea, iced coffee, these water have a lot of sugar as well. And of course, it is food that can stimulate the oil on your face. Therefore, do not eat often. Keep Kata when you really want to eat it.

4. Salty foods

 Salty foods are foods that contain a lot of salt. Which when we eat a lot of salt We will lose water in the body. And that is why our skin is dry When we dry our skin, our body will produce oil to coat the skin to prevent the skin from losing moisture. Which is why it makes me face it.

5. Alcohol

Notice that whenever we drink alcohol, We will go to the bathroom often. Many people understand that because alcohol is water, we urinate a lot, but actually alcohol has a diuretic effect. And when we pass a lot The body will suffer from dehydration and various mineral salts. Resulting in dry skin When our skin is dry, the body produces a lot of oil. Causing me to have oily face and oily skin