“Turmeric”, a natural gift for women

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Results from research on the properties of “turmeric” and “reduction of uterine fibroids”, which were studied in patients with uterine fibroids 35 people. Who were hospitalized in Bhumibol Adulyadej were given 1,200 mg of it per day for 6 months. And measure the tumor size by ultrasound before testing. And repeat measurements at 3 and 6 months show that the turmeric treatment significantly reduce the size of uterine fibroids. Without experiencing any side effects by ufabet.

Inhibiting ovarian cancer cells

While research on the properties of “turmeric” and inhibiting ovarian cancer cells. Which were study in vitro, found that curcumin” can inhibit the growth and stimulate the death of ovarian cancer cells. As well as studies in “Cervical mucosal cells” by providing 100 micromol of curcumin concentrations in a period of 15 minutes to 24 hours, found that “curcumin substances” help reduce the progression of cervical cancer cells. Spread and reduce abnormal cervical mucosal cell mutations.

For “breast cancer patients”, research has shown that “curcumin” inhibits the growth of breast tumor cells in vitro by Inhibit abnormal cells before entering the DNA synthesis stage. And turned into cancer Therefore, it can be concluded that “curcumin” has the effect of anti-breast cancer.


To use “turmeric” in the treatment of diseases and pain relief, you must be careful. Because general turmeric extract has limitations on absorption. Causing the body to be unable to fully utilize Due to its unstable properties. It does not dissolve in the gastrointestinal tract. And it is difficult to absorb into the body, however, with advanced technology.

Polar and Non-Polar Sandwiching

Makes discover new innovations to increase the efficiency of the absorption of “turmeric” by one of them is the invention of PNS (Polar and Non-Polar Sandwiching) technology rearranges molecules to center curcumin. And then are sandwich by polarized and non-polarized parts. Which resembles a sandwich, resulting in “turmeric extract” produce with PNS technology is stable, not easily decomposed. Can dissolve well in the digestive tract. and more absorbed into the body

Absorption efficiency is compare. When taken in equal amounts. It is found that turmeric extract produce with PNS technology is absorb 10 times better than conventional turmeric extract. And 2.4 times better absorbed than turmeric produce with phytosome technology.

while compare to turmeric oil extract which is popular in the market Produce with PNS technology, it can absorb 3.6 times better, increasing the efficiency of absorption with “Piperine” , black pepper extract. As a result, the function of active turmeric extract is more effective as a leader in health and beauty products. “Giffarine” sees the benefits of it. Therefore, the innovation of PNS absorption and black pepper extract Come increase the efficiency in the absorption of important nutrients into the body.